52. Dr Tim Pychyl on Procrastination and Using Self-Forgiveness, Mindfulness, Willpower & Planning

Tim Pychyl Procrastination, Mindfulness, Self-Forgiveness, Willpower, Planning & WritingDr Tim Pychyl from the iProcrastinate Podcast talks with Alen Standish about procrastination and the power of mindfulness, self-forgiveness, planning, just starting and the pros and cons of willpower.

Alen learns from Tim that procrastination is an emotion focused coping strategy we all often use. And unfortunately it can quickly become a habit. Tim shares some amazing strategies he uses for managing procrastination and when he simply doesn’t feel like doing something.

Amazing discussion!


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41. The Perfectionist and Perfectionism


Alen Standish talks about being a perfectionist and discusses procrastination, shame, connection and his own recent challenges with them all. He also talks about Brené Brown’s wonderful insights into these challenges and shares how he’s been applying them in his life.

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