A Tower Defense Strategy to Stop Binge Eating

(CC Dermot Roantree) "Great Wall 02"If you already read my story [Click Here to Read My Story Now] you know that I used several different techniques and personal improvement approaches to finally stop binge eating. After going the first month without a single binge I reflected on why I was finally successful and how my new strategy was working for me. I drew it on a sheet of paper and taped it to my wall. Since I’m also a nerd I immediately saw how this strategy was the same general strategy I used when I played tower defense video games (my favorite). That kept me motivated and I practiced the strategy daily to keep from binge eating again.

I’ve continued to use the tower defense strategy to this day. I’ve remained almost completely binge free (I’m not perfect either) and I’m getting physically healthier bit by bit each month. Since it’s been working so well for me I thought I would share it with everybody else. I took the time to slightly update my original drawing and explained each piece of it in detail below. I’m sharing it in hopes that it might help others who are struggling with or who are also recovering from Binge Eating Disorder.

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