60. It’s All About Inner Effort. New Podcast!

Alen Standish announces the Inner Effort Podcast and describes the future of Progress Not Perfection.

Each episode of Inner Effort is an intimate discussion with a courageous guest about the details and mental hurdles of their own personal struggles (past or present, big or small) and the unseen Inner Efforts (e.g. self-coaching techniques, coping tactics, mental tools, resources, etc.) they used to motivate and help themselves during a typical day and through difficult moments.

You can find the Inner Effort podcast on iTunes or at www.innereffort.com. There are already several new episodes of Inner Effort available that you can listen to right now with new episodes coming each week! Make sure you subscribe to the new podcast to continue the conversation!

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59. Alen Standish on Perfectionism, Delays and Dream Project 2.0

AlenStandishDreams295x345Alen Standish talks about the recent show delay and how perfectionism almost got him again.

New things are coming soon. Listen and find out how the process actually helped Alen with his new project (to be released Summer 2015). Stay tuned and subscribed.

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40. Choosing Progress Not Perfection. New Podcast Title.

trees-340950_640The Quit Binge Eating Podcast. Show number 40. Alen goes solo and explains why he’s choosing Progress Not Perfection for the future of this podcast.

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Alen goes solo and explains why he’s choosing Progress Not Perfection. You have to listen to get all the details! Lots of great things are coming to the show and with them is a small change.

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New episode coming soon!

dead-36971_150Hi there! Sorry for the delay again in getting a show out but I promise a new one is coming soon. The mythical episode #40 that I’ve been talking about!

It’s been super busy here in the Standish household. We’ve recently had a few items my wife had to help with out of town on her side of the family that leaves me at home with the boys all alone. Since school is out for summer and baseball tournaments and league play are at  fever pitch I’ve been a little busier than usual and struggle with keeping up.

BTW – I’m amazed at how much my wife does for us here that I sometimes take for granted. OMG! Love you Babe!

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