Binge Buddy

Stop Binge Eating: Go to now!What Is Binge Buddy?

Binge Buddy is a free web app that helps you resist eating urges and food cravings as they occur. Stop binge eating now! It’s your buddy that guides you to make better choices and to break bad eating habits. Ideally suited for a mobile smart phone or tablet, it runs on any internet connected IOS, Android, Windows, Mac or Linux device browser.*


Features of Binge Buddy

  • Tools, techniques and directions on how to resist an eating urge or food craving.
  • Streaming audio segments to help “talk you down” during those urge moments.
  • Articles with tips and strategies on how to prevent binge eating urges.
  • Links to recommended resources such as books, podcasts and websites.


How Do I Access Binge Buddy?

Just go to:


How Use This to Stop Binge Eating?

Add a bookmark to on your browser or device. The next time you have a craving or begin to feel a familiar urge that might lead you to binge eat, go to and click on “Help! I Feel an Urge to Eat!” Your buddy will guide you from there.


Why Did You Create Binge Buddy?

You can read the whole story behind Binge Buddy yourself.

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