10. Quit Binge Eating: Chris Clark of NAMED & Listener Feedback

Quit Binge Eating Podcast: Interview with Chris ClarkThe Quit Binge Eating Podcast. Show number ten. Interview with Christopher Clark of NAMED and listener feedback.

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WooHoo! We hit number 10! In this episode of The Quit Binge Eating Podcast, Alen interviews Chris Clark, the Executive Director of the National Association of Males with Eating Disorder (NAMED). Alen then shares several pieces of listener feedback.

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Feature: Interview With Chris Clark of NAMED

Alen talks for 20 minutes with Chris Clark of the National Association of Males with Eating Disorder (NAMED). Great discussion and great info on their website for both men and women. Call Chris at the toll free number for a referral: 8 7 7 – 7 8 0 – 0 0 8 0

They also have online forums to talk with other men who have eating disorders.

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Listener Feedback

My thanks again to Tony, Elka, Linda, Nicky, Harriette, Rebecca and Joe for taking the time to write me and share your stories.

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