8. Quit Binge Eating: It’s a New Year! Lessons Learned in 2012 and My Goals for 2013.

Quit Binge Eating New Year 2013The Quit Binge Eating Podcast. Show number eight. It’s a New Year! Lessons learned in 2012 and my goals for 2013.

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In this episode of The Quit Binge Eating Podcast, Alen gives a detailed update of what’s gone on for the last few weeks, reviews 2012, shares his lessons learned from the year and finally shares his plans and goals for 2013. 

Introduction & Update

Last few weeks have been incredibly busy.

  • Incredibly busy preparing for and celebrating Christmas. Loads of parties to plan and host plus some travel to see some remote family mixed in there.
  • For those of you who own a business you know that year end close out can be a whirlwind.
  • Related to the shutdown of my Dad’s business, we sold the land and buildings his business had operated from.
  • This week my Mom, brother and I celebrated a very bittersweet anniversary. It’s been exactly 4 years since my Dad passed away — he was only 55 when he died and it was tough on all of us. This week was the ultimate closure for me with my Dad. My brother and I grew much closer as well. Let’s just say it’s been a little emotionally demanding.
  • I had to waste an entire day in jury duty.
  • Finally, even though I did not have any full blown binge eating episodes since my last podcast, my eating and physical exercise habits have been abysmal to say the least. The only good thing was all my defenses I had built up over the last year helped me keep the binge monster at bay, but just barely I’ll be honest.

3 Personal Lessons Learned in 2012

  1. Change yourself slowly. Life changes cannot be overnight. You have to mix in change slowly and make it a habit and routine. If you force or rush it you might see short term success but long term it just won’t stick. I think we all see that with ruined diets and broken promises we make to ourselves every year.  We are creatures of habit and need to adapt to change slowly otherwise we fight back, even against ourselves, and sabotage our good intentions.
  2. Look at each setback you suffer in life as an opportunity to learn something and as another chance. You cannot thinks in terms of failure. Progress not perfection. I used to be a perfectionist and if something wasn’t perfect I hated it or wanted to give up, including myself if I binged, and that did no one any good. Just easing up on myself and going with the flow and observing was huge for me and helping me start my own turn-around.
  3. Follow your passion and listen to your heart. I was scared before I committed to these changes but now looking back, I am so glad I followed my heart and am pursuing my passions. I’ve never felt such inner peace with myself before. I’ve also learned that things just seem to have a way of working out if you let them and have confidence in yourself.

My Goals for 2013

  1. GOAL: Double my content output for Quit Binge Eating
  2. GOAL: Create another passion website and podcast similar to Quit Binge Eating dedicated to helping folks with similar challenges and problems I have.
  3. GOAL: Go beyond turning myself around and this year truly transform myself to be physically healthier.
  4. MILESTONE: Create a detailed plan for 2013 by Jan 31st.
  5. MILESTONE: By April 1st I want to start my new passion website.
  6. MILESTONE: July 1st, October 1st and Dec 31st get blood work done.
  7. MILESTONE: August 1st electronically publish my first book for Quit Binge Eating.

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