6. Quit Binge Eating: Why Am I Always Hungry? Physical Hunger & Listener Feedback

Why Am I Always Hunger 10 Tips - Quit Binge EatingThe Quit Binge Eating Podcast. Show number six. Why Am I Always Hungry? Relearning Physical Hunger & Listener Feedback.

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In this episode of The Quit Binge Eating Podcast, Alen shares details behind his “Why Am I Always Hungry” article discussing how to relearn physical hunger and then shares some excellent listener feedback he received this week.
Hope you all got you letters to Santa in the mail on time!

Introduction & Updates

  • Feeling a little under the weather — voice sounds a little “croaky”
  • Getting cold here in Kansas City and snowing. Shout out to all our listeners around the world.
  • Getting ready for Christmas. Busy! Make sure you take time for yourself as well.
  • Had an amazing interview with Andrew Walen. Will edit and post next week. Here is a link to an article I posted that contains links to the NYT article that profiles him and a link to his interview on the Today Show.
  • We received some awesome 5 star reviews and ratings on iTunes! Thank you Ricahrd-24 and PeacefulLiving. I owe you both big thanks! Would love more reviews and ratings from other listeners since those reviews help us gain the attention of others who need help with their Binge Eating Disorders as well. Open The Quit Binge Eating Podcast in iTunes Open in iTunes

Feature: Why Am I Always Hungry? 10 Ways to Relearn Physical Hunger

Why am I always hungry? Shared details from my previous blog post this week about how I got back in touch with my own hunger levels and quit confusing hunger with emptiness or loneliness and fullness with being content or happy. Take a listen! You can see the full article here: https://www.quitbingeeating.com/why-am-i-always-hungry-10-ways-relearn-physical-hunger/ 

Got Some Excellent Listener Letters I Share

My thanks to Courtney from Vancouver BC and from Katie. I read both their letters that share their own Binge Eating stories and encouragement. Power stuff. Thank you ladies.

Link to our Brain Over Binge Book Recommendation Podcast, show #4.

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