55. Sam Lomeli, Tips of the Scale, Mental Game of Weight Loss, Body Image and Binge Eating

Sam Lomeli of Tips of the Scale Podcast on Mental Game of Weight Loss and Body ImageAlen Standish talks with fellow podcaster Sam Lomeli from the Tips of the Scale podcast.

We learn more about Sam and what he’s come to learn about needing to change our thoughts and assumptions before trying to change our bodies and view of own selves, especially before trying to lose weight. After almost 130 interviews with men and women from around the world, Sam will tell you, it’s all between the ears.


Podcaster Sam Lomeli on Mental Game of Weight Loss, Body Image, Perfectionism and Self Motivation

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Main Topics Discussed Include:

  • Sam’s history and how he came to start the podcast
  • Confidence and self worth
  • Perfectionism and feelings of shame
  • Men and body image
  • The common threads of success Sam has discovered after all the interviews and people he’s met
  • YouTube as a way to get motivated and start the day (SEE LINKS ABOVE)

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