54. Coach Brooke Castillo on Making New Habits, Mindfulness, Self Kindness and Planning Decisions

Brooke Castillo Life Coach Making New Habits, Mindfulness and Self KindnessIn today’s show Alen Standish talks with Coach Brooke Castillo from the Life Coach School and Podcast.

They spend the entire show talking about how to build positive habits and the importance of mindfulness, self kindness and the need to plan decisions. It’s a amazing conversation you don’t want to miss!

Coach Brooke Castillo on Making New Habits, Mindfulness, Self Kindness and Planning Our Decisions

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Main Topics Discussed Include:

  • Fear of criticism
  • Causal coaching
  • Power of Mindfulness and Self Awareness
  • Why self kindness is so important
  • Being proud of ourselves when we do take care of ourselves
  • Dealing with self criticism and perfectionism
  • Planning our decisions ahead of time and sacred moments
  • Importance of authenticity
  • Being afraid to just sit with ourselves and society tuning itself out

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