52. Dr Tim Pychyl on Procrastination and Using Self-Forgiveness, Mindfulness, Willpower & Planning

Tim Pychyl Procrastination, Mindfulness, Self-Forgiveness, Willpower, Planning & WritingDr Tim Pychyl from the iProcrastinate Podcast talks with Alen Standish about procrastination and the power of mindfulness, self-forgiveness, planning, just starting and the pros and cons of willpower.

Alen learns from Tim that procrastination is an emotion focused coping strategy we all often use. And unfortunately it can quickly become a habit. Tim shares some amazing strategies he uses for managing procrastination and when he simply doesn’t feel like doing something.

Amazing discussion!


Dr Tim Pychyl on Procrastination, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Perfectionists, Self-Forgiveness, Willpower, Planning, Our Future Self and Even Writing!

This conversation goes into depth on defining procrastination and showing why we all struggle with it, especially those of us struggling with perfectionism. Tim makes the topic very approachable and shares his own story along with the common story we all share. It’s a part of the human condition.

Tim and Alen talk in detail about commitment devices, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, pros and cons of willpower, using a planner, thinking about our future selves and simply doing what needs to be done by just getting started without thinking so much about it.

They even spend a fair amount of time talking about Alen’s own procrastination habits when it comes to writing fiction and some ways he can start to overcome that! Where can Alen buy that special chair glue???

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Amazing summary of the key points shared by friend & listener Susie:

  • Plan – Plan what you will do when you recognize the feeling.
    • A Plan is something that you use to get you going
    • Use if/when or When / then (Or any plan that works with you)
    • Recognize you will not feel like dealing with the feelings now
    • Emotional Intelligence — Become more personally aware
  • Just get started (don’t worry about anything else) If you don’t want to continue you can stop. but just get started
    • Treat it as a job…I am doing this to live the life I want to live.
  • Future self. Think about how does you future self want to feel at the end of today.
    • Thinking about this makes the “present self” make better choices.
  • Extended Will. Set the environment so it will help not hinder your goals.
  • What am I getting out of bingeing/procrastinating, etc.
    • It makes me feel good now, but hate it in the future.
    • Evaluate what is going on with your emotions.

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