49. Laurie Weaver Followup: Being a Perfectionist, Voice Acting, Bravery and Intuitive Eating

LaurieWeaverInterview2-260x214Alen Standish talks with friend Laurie Weaver again! This time we talk more about being perfectionists and how we work through those thoughts and habits. We also talk voice acting, bravery and intuitive eating.

Laurie and Alen have struck up such a friendship that Alen calls Laurie his new big sister (he’s never had a sister before!). They each share more of their own stories and try to answer some listener questions based on their first conversation from several months ago.

Talking with Laurie Weaver Again!

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2 thoughts on “49. Laurie Weaver Followup: Being a Perfectionist, Voice Acting, Bravery and Intuitive Eating

  1. What a fun and informative podcast! Felt like I was sitting with you two in a cafe having a coke. Loved the totally relaxed and open interaction.

    I so appreciated what Laurie said about “practicing failure.” When you look at it that way, it really does become a learning process and takes a little of the trepidation away. In some regard I guess it’s a little like grief. I believe strongly that those who know how to grieve life’s fits and starts well also know how to live well. It hit me that the same could be said for failure. Those who know how to fail well would certainly know how to live more fully. That was a great take-away, Laurie.

    Alen, your comments about exercise bands, etc., and feeling like you have someone looking over your shoulder when you use stuff like that made me realize that’s kind of how I’ve felt trying to track my food at Spark People — and why I eventually have given up on it (and Weight Watchers). I’m wondering if, now that I understand that little quirk, I might be able to circumvent that problem, as counting the carbs is helpful to me with my type 2 diabetes. Thanks for making me aware of that.

    And Laurie, thanks for the vote of confidence. You’re one supportive dudette!

    Great show!

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