43. Coach Cookie Rosenblum and Perfectionism

CookieCroppedAlen Standish talks with Coach Cookie Rosenblum about perfectionism and being a perfectionist.

Everyone loved it the first time Cookie was on the show back in May 2014. I had to bring her back to ask her thoughts about perfectionism and how it tied into eating challenges and what we can start to do about it. She’s amazing. You’re going to love this conversation!

Cookie Rosenblum and Perfectionism

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2 thoughts on “43. Coach Cookie Rosenblum and Perfectionism

  1. Terrific interview. I could identify with everything the pair of you talked about. And though a lot of it was familiar to me since I’ve been plowing this ground for awhile now, I did have one very positive take away from today. That’s when Cookie was talking about practicing lowering your standards and I knew right where to start — my “to do” list. From now on I’m changing it to “Would like to do” with a second column for “Can realistically do…” I am terrible about beating myself up for not accomplishing everything I feel I need to do.

    One other thing. The idea of thinking that (my paraphrase) where you’re going on your journey has to be perfect in some way will keep you from taking that first step… I know this so well. I do my own cards (birthday, get well, etc.) on the computer, and under my logo on the back of a hiking bear are the words “Because the journey matters.” It struck me listening to the podcast how much easier it is for me to say that to someone else than to take that advice for myself. Guess I need a BIG print of my logo to hang on my bedroom mirror!

    This was a very profitable hour. Thanks, Alen, for devoting so much time to this podcast. It was very helpful and eye-opening.


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