My Binge Eating Story

Alen Standish of QuitBingeEating.comLike everyone else I have struggled with my own personal problems and issues. That’s part of being human, right? But one major problem I had took almost 15 years to resolve — conquering my Night Eating Syndrome, a form of Binge Eating Disorder. My name is Alen Standish and this is my story.


How It All Began

As a kid I constantly struggled with my weight. I always thought of food as a comforting friend, especially when I was stressed. I was a perfectionist and when things weren’t perfect I became anxious and would constantly snack and eat large portions at mealtimes to make myself feel full and content. I obviously didn’t have good eating habits.

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Where to Begin to Stop Binge Eating?

Just like everything in life, beginnings are always the hardest. For authors, writing the first paragraph of the first chapter of a book can often take as much energy as writing that entire first chapter or two. For athletes, getting motivated to start the first workout of the new season can be incredibly difficult. It’s easy to understand why many people give up before they ever begin — it just feels too hard and overwhelming. But believe me, this is a beginning you want to start. When trying to stop binge eating, the toughest challenge is recognizing the disorder for what it is and trying to come up with a plan that will cure yourself.

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