NPR: Kid Binge Eaters More Likely to Have Other Problems Ahead

Kid Binge Eaters: Quit Binge Eating (CC stu_spivack) "Pizza"If you notice your kids becoming binge eaters like yourself then it might be an early indicator of other problems to watch out for.

In an article posted by NPR on Dec 11th titled Kids’ Eating Binges Could Signal Other Problems Ahead by David Schultz, it says:

Children between the ages of 9 and 15 who went on eating binges at least once a week were roughly twice as likely to use marijuana or to show strong signs of depression as those who didn’t.

Again from the same article:

One theory … is that the same impulsiveness that leads children to binge eat may also be leading them to try marijuana. Another theory is that the strong feelings of shame that often accompany binge eating are one of the causes of depression.

This likely will be a lighting rod type of topic for discussion for some folks. These are just a few of the conclusions that could be drawn from all this plus all the different opinions on marijuana use. I definitely don’t want to go there.

I just wanted to share the article in order to show that Binge Eating Disorder has consequences for the young as well as adults. Based on the article I can’t tell if Binge Eating Disorder is causal or even if there is limited correlation. Regardless of all that, as a parent I feel if my own kids start an addiction early in life then they are establishing a pattern for other self-destructive behaviors. It may be a sign of other issues going on in their life that we need to help them deal with.

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