35. Quit Binge Eating: Night Eating with Michelle Cleary

Night Eating with Michelle ClearyThe Quit Binge Eating Podcast. Show number 35. Night eating with Michelle Cleary.

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In this episode of The Quit Binge Eating Podcast, Alen talks Night Eating and binge eating with Michelle Cleary of Dimensional Psychotherapy. Another wonderful interview. You have to listen!

Introduction & Update

  • Speaking of reviews, my many thanks for all the wonderful 5 star reviews from Johana H, cloudycoconuts, Mary309 and Marni S!!!!

Michelle Cleary and Night Eating

Alen speaks with Michelle Cleary about night eating, binge eating, emotional eating, her experience on the Steve Harvey show and her new upcoming book titled “Peanut Butter.” Thank you Michelle!!!

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