Welcome to the New Home of Quit Binge Eating and the Progress Not Perfection Podcast

Welcome! This is the NEW web home of Quit Binge Eating and the Progress Not Perfection Podcast. I’m trying to clean things up and get caught up. Been super busy with family, a major medical condition with one of my sons (things are SO MUCH BETTER NOW), home schooling that son and of course running my business. But soon I will be able to focus on what I love, recording and producing MY OWN podcasts and content and connecting with you.

Make sure you check back here in early October 2018 or stay subscribed to either the Progress Not Perfection Podcast or my Inner Effort Podcast.

I’ll be sharing more soon! — Alen

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Home of Quit Binge Eating and the Progress Not Perfection Podcast

  1. Hi Alen
    Love the Before I Eat app and wondering how the new developement is going ?
    It’s now mid October so I take it you are running a little behind schedule.
    I’ve also been trying to recommend the app to others but it’s not currently showing in the apple App Store.
    What’s going on with that?
    There are also a few glitches with the drop down options not working for either rating my goal in the journal & making new daily rewards.
    Are you still maintaining the app?
    I really hope all answered are in the affirmative as I refer to it endlessly in the forum of the CSIRO’s Total Wellbeing Diet. It’s the perfect companion tool for their program.

    • I have some bad news but then great news. First the bad.
      Due to annual re-licensing costs of the base code I was using (thousands of US dollars each year), some problems with that code base and my own time constraints I decided earlier this month to finally pull it down before I had to pay the annual renewal coming due this November 1st. I was actually losing hundreds of dollars each year from my own pocket even with selling the app for $0.99 US. There were a few other technical and bureaucratic re-submission hurdles with the different app stores when I tried to update and fix those glitches a few months ago that I don’t want to bore folks with that also influenced my decision. Apple especially doesn’t make things easy.

      But now the good!
      The GREAT news is I’m releasing a free online version of the audio from the app by early November. It’s not just audio but how the audio is delivered and daily reminders and such with this new version that I think folks are going to love. It won’t have all the same functions like journaling or rewards systems but it will be more like a remote coach checking in each day with new audio, guided techniques and support.

      I’ll be posting more soon. Thanks again for all your support and kindness!

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