New episode coming soon!

dead-36971_150Hi there! Sorry for the delay again in getting a show out but I promise a new one is coming soon. The mythical episode #40 that I’ve been talking about!

It’s been super busy here in the Standish household. We’ve recently had a few items my wife had to help with out of town on her side of the family that leaves me at home with the boys all alone. Since school is out for summer and baseball tournaments and league play are at  fever pitch I’ve been a little busier than usual and struggle with keeping up.

BTW – I’m amazed at how much my wife does for us here that I sometimes take for granted. OMG! Love you Babe!

Just so you don’t think I haven’t done anything since the last show, I’ve actually outlined show #40 on about twenty different sticky notes and index cards. I’ve been thinking about this show constantly for the last 2 weeks. I realize I just need to sit in front of the mic and hit record with a clear mind. And I’ll be honest… this is the most scared I’ve ever been before recording a show except for maybe the first show, so maybe that’s holding me back a little… but it’s GOING to be recorded and released.

Again, don’t worry, the podcast is going to continue, I promise! It’s going to be better and bigger than before. I just want to use #40 to open up personally about several things that are leading me to make these changes in the show and to talk about some format changes that are going to make the show far more authentic and open for you and me.

I want to thank you for all you’ve done for me over these last few years. You have changed my life. Your encouragement and love has made me realize something I’ve always wanted to achieve in my life — true connection and belonging with such a large group of amazing people. I hope you’re ok with me calling you my friend because I truly feel that way. Thank you.

The next post on the site will be show #40… and it’s coming in a week or so! Until then have a great week! — Alen

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