42. Laurie Weaver of the Compulsive Overeating Diary Podcast

laurie_weaver_alen-175x186Alen Standish talks with Laurie Weaver, host of the Compulsive Overeating Diary podcast and blog.

They discuss what prompted Laurie to start her podcast and the role that being a perfectionist has had in her life and her struggles with overeating.

Laurie Weaver of the Compulsive Overeating Diary


Laurie is an amazing person who really puts herself out there for her listeners. She even records all her shows while out walking in nature. This interview was recorded that exact same way and it sounds amazing!

Alen talked to Laurie via her iPhone and Laurie recorded her side of the conversation with her trusty digital recorder. The quality was amazing!

You feel like you’re there with Laurie walking the hills in southern California as she talks with Alen.

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4 thoughts on “42. Laurie Weaver of the Compulsive Overeating Diary Podcast

  1. Really enjoyed listening to your interview with Laurie Weaver today. She’s terrific. Have been following her all along. It was interesting (since I’ve been listening to your podcast lately as well) how hearing the two of you together gave some kind of substance to the podcasting world for me. Unexpected reaction!

    So a hearty “carry on” to both of you! These podcasts are a wonderful way to make people feel connected. And feeling connected is what makes life most fulfilling.

  2. Alen

    I tried really hard to recognize the voice in my brain. I even put myself on purpose in front of bunch of food to hear the voice in my lower brain , but I just can not hear anything. I feel it’s nothing in my head unless my strong urge to eat those food. It’s so frustrating to not hear anything.

    • Liz – often it’s not a voice. It’s an urge like you describe. A feeling. Several folks like myself give that feeling a voice or it comes out as a voice in our heads. Everyone is so different! So next time you feel that urge, recognize it as your lizard brain urge. It’s not real. Like Kathryn Hansen describes, it’s just neurological junk. Wishing you all my best!!!

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