Binge Eating Disorder an Addiction

Stop Binge Eating - An AddictionTrying to stop binge eating disorder is not as easy as simply stopping the eating behavior. That’s because binge eating has now been proven to be an addiction. The University of Texas at Dallas had several researchers study the MRI scan results of people who are binge eaters. Their findings show that the brains of people who binge eat react just like those of a drug or alcohol addict does when given foods they crave.

Here are two excellent links to the UTD articles and details behind what they discovered:

Binge Eating Disorder & the DSM-5

Fortunately the next Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders that comes in out May 2013 will formally list binge eating as a disorder based this and other similar studies.

I hope this helps those still struggling with Binge Eating Disorder start to get the help they really need to stop binge eating and helps make others aware that binge eating is not just a bad habit. Please share your thoughts.