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Stop Binge Eating: Go to now!Update Nov 8, 2013: I have released a true mobile app for iOS and Android named Before I Eat that has far more features and content than Binge Buddy. Please click here to learn more.

Today I’m releasing the Binge Buddy mobile web app for you to use… for free!

Binge Buddy is a FREE web app that helps you resist eating urges and food cravings as they occur. Keep those urges from turning into all out binge events. Simply visit from any device whenever you feel a craving or uncontrollable urge to eat. Use it to stop yourself from binge eating at night and before bedtime. Use it on the weekends when you’re most likely to splurge. Use it anytime!

Binge Buddy can help you make better choices when you’re struggling with strong food cravings. It can also be useful if you’re suffering from Binge Eating Disorder or any other eating challenge.

Read on to understand why I created Binge Buddy or see and Like Binge Buddy on Facebook.Binge Buddy on Facebook

The Limits of Self-Help

Binge Buddy: Stop Binge Eating with Self HelpSelf-help books along with expert guidance teach us how to control our eating urges and sometimes how to prevent food cravings altogether. The experts help us understand what’s behind our eating challenges and tell us how to work through them. Their wisdom is extremely useful and needed.

However, when those cravings and urges come up out of nowhere, especially at night when we are alone, we tend to forget everything we ever learned and the promises we made to ourselves. The shackles fall off the beast. We lose control. We feel lost. We don’t want to read a book. We just want to eat. EAT NOW, right?

Low Tech Works But…

Binge Buddy: Stop Binge Eating with Index Card TipsTo help myself get through those moments I wrote reminders and tips on index cards about how to resist urges and cravings. I kept those cards in the kitchen and put a few in my wallet and even taped one to the visor of my car. I had them ready for immediate reference whenever I felt an urge start up. I also took to writing short phrases on yellow stickies and put them all over the door of my refrigerator to help snap me out of those “EAT NOW” moments.

Even though the cards and stickies were low tech they helped talk me down whenever I was caught up in a binge urge moment. I eventually stopped binge eating altogether. Yet I knew there had to be a better way to snap someone out of the moment when they were caught up in an urge.

Creation of Binge Buddy

Binge Buddy: Stop Binge Eating: Creation of the AppWhat if I could put all my note cards, stickies and my years of practical binge eating research into a free web app for anyone to use? Whenever someone felt the “EAT NOW” urge, one button press on their phone or tablet would give them access to those same tools and info. The world didn’t need another food or journal app. People simply needed a buddy to help snap them out of their binge urge moments.

So in the evenings and on the weekends I designed, created and have now released Binge Buddy. It’s here for you to use! It’s a work of passion dedicated to those who still struggle with their own binge eating urges and cravings.

Spread the Word & Give Feedback

Binge Buddy: Stop Binge Eating: Help Spread the WordPlease help me spread the word about Binge Buddy by liking it on Facebook Binge Buddy on Facebookand by recommending it to others. Give me your feedback and suggestions by commenting here, using the website feedback form or by emailing me directly from the app itself. I want to continually update and improve the app to meet everyone’s needs.

I hope Binge Buddy can help you with your eating challenges. Thank you for using Binge Buddy and for all your support!

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  1. This is fantastic! I always thought someone should invent an app or mobile-optimized “panic button” for those rough moments. I am currently working through binge eating disorder (14 days binge free!) and blogging about it – I will be sure to let my readers know this week that this exists!

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