Before You Eat CoachingCast to Stop Binge Eating

UPDATED: Dec 10, 2018. I am very happy to announce that the Before You Eat CoachingCast is now available. Day-to-day and on-demand audio coaching sessions when you need it. Stop overeating and emotional eating!

Before You Eat is a private Audio Coach that will help you learn to manage your eating urges and cravings. Before You Eat is both a private 18 x day podcast and a private online audio player. Choose to receive your new daily coaching sessions via email, text message or a podcast app!

Before You Eat includes 18 x Daily Sessions as well as 11 x Guided Practices and Exercises led and narrated by Alen Standish. Each session includes audio as well as full transcripts so you can listen or read, whichever works best for you. Add a Before You Eat app icon to your smartphone so you can access any session whenever you need it.

Stay motivated and committed. Discover how you can choose to respond to your urges and cravings instead of feeling hijacked and controlled by them.

Activation includes the full Premium Series as well as 1 x Year of access via the online webplayer and podcast app. You can download all sessions as individual mp3 files and print the text of the sessions for your own use.

Note: Text Messaging currently only available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

4 thoughts on “Before You Eat CoachingCast to Stop Binge Eating

  1. thank you for doing this web site, podcast and app!

    I listent to all of the episodes and appreciate it. Am a father with 4 daughters, and have struggled with anorexia, bulimia, and BED for ~25 years, and am your services and information are helping.

    • Hi Alex – I’ll be creating a post soon about this. Unfortunately I had to pull the app due to several reasons, but the largest being a huge financial cost to maintaining the base license that I had to pay each year with that renewal being several thousand US dollars I would of had to had paid this week. The app was costing me FAR MORE each year than I was able to recoup in total sales. But the GOOD news is I’m releasing a free online version of all the audio with coaching sessions very shortly that folks can sign up to receive. All the audio, the book, etc will be FREE in that bundle. I’ll be sharing more soon, probably by mid-November. Just so many things to do right now. Thank you again for all your support and recommendations. Take care and tell your friend I have something special coming!

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