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My name is Alen Standish. I’m just a regular guy who enjoys writing and talking about things I’m passionate about. I love my wife and kids and feel pretty darn lucky with what I have in my life, especially now. But not long ago I suffered from Binge Eating Disorder, a tough 15 year journey that inspired me to create QuitBingeEating.com.


My Binge Eating and Perfectionist Story

Food was always a comfort and made me feel safe and content when I was upset. Late at night, after a stressful day at work and once everyone in the house was asleep, I would often sneak into the kitchen and eat several meals worth of food in a single binge. I ate to feel good so I could relax and fall asleep. Binge eating became a bad habit that I couldn’t break no matter how hard I tried. In addition to the weight gain I felt embarrassed, depressed and was very unhappy with my myself because I couldn’t stop. As a perfectionist this killed me.

Fortunately, after years of limited successes, I finally had a breakthrough. I began to understand my binge eating problem from a perspective that gave me the tools I needed to manage it. This along with several techniques and other improvements I made in my life helped me to finally stop binge eating. Freedom!

[Click here to read my full story to include how I stopped binge eating]


Support and Sharing Lessons Learned

There is so much conflicting and confusing information out there on binge eating problems and treatments that it’s no wonder many people can’t get a grip solving their own issues. In my case it was not a single program or piece of expert advice that helped me regain control. Instead it was a combination of them all plus a key change in my outlook. QuitBingeEating.com shares what I learned so others can get off the endless road of failed attempts and no longer feel lost trying to do it themselves without support. I’ve been there and I want to help.


Helping Men and Women

In particular I especially know how difficult it is for men to accept that they have a Binge Eating Disorder and how hard it is to find self-treatment techniques that meet their needs and won’t cause even more embarrassment. Guys, Binge Eating Disorder affects us just as much as it does women. Don’t be embarrassed.

For all of us dealing with perfectionism, shame, anxiety and body image problems, let’s talk about it. We have to be vulnerable and drop the mask and shield we’ve been holding in front of us for so long.


For Myself and My Family

Most important to me is my family and making sure I stay around for my wife and to see my kids grow up. I realize I probably will always continue to struggle with craving certain foods late at night when I’m under unusual stress. I had always heard the old saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Binge Eating Disorder was my enemy and was taking years off my life. Keeping the topic fresh in my mind and supporting others through QuitBingeEating.com helps keep me focused and from falling back into my old bad habits.


Read, Listen and Share With Us

  • Blog: My blog posts at www.QuitBingeEating.com often try to take an entertaining approach to help others learn how to stop binge eating and deal with perfectionism. I warn you that sometimes I will be funny and serious in the same article so please don’t take offense. It’s just who I am at https://www.QuitBingeEating.com/blog/
  • Podcast: Listen to “The Progress Not Perfection Podcast” to learn even more and to hear interesting guest interviews and features. Listen or download at https://www.QuitBingeEating.com/podcast/
  • Feedback Page: I want to hear from you! Please feel free to comment on the posts and share what you have learned while on your own journey. You can also contact me via email to feedback@QuitBingeEating.com or by using the contact form on the Feedback Page at https://www.QuitBingeEating.com/feedback


Self-Treatment vs Seeking Professional Help

What worked to solve my Binge Eating Disorder and my other challenges may not work for you. Everyone is different. For most like me it’s just a matter of finding the right combination of tools and techniques and having some patience. My self-treatment was part of a larger education and growth process that I needed to go through. Your case may be different. You may also need some professional help along the way. Again, it’s all an individual thing and there is no one size fits all solution.

Please take special note that I am not a doctor or a trained eating disorder specialist and can’t offer personal counseling or medical advice. The opinions and advice on this website, podcast, newsletter, etc are based on personal experiences and are not intended to replace the services of trained health professionals.


Thank You for All the Support!

Thank you for stopping by and for all the words of support. To you still struggling I know how hard a challenge it is to finally overcome… but I also know you can overcome it. I am here to support you!

Best of luck,

Alen Standish