Feb 23rd-Mar 1st is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

nedaJoin NEDA and show your support for this year’s National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

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From the NEDA Awareness website:

What is NEDAwareness Week?

NEDAwareness Week is a collective effort of volunteers, including eating disorder professionals, health care providers, students, educators, social workers, organizations and individuals committed to raising awareness of eating disorders. The impact of increased outreach efforts leads to a greater chance of people seeking out resources and help for an eating disorder, which ultimately saves lives.

NEDA Awareness Week Mission

The aim of NEDAwareness Week is to ultimately increase outreach and awareness of eating disorders and body image issues, while reducing the stigma surrounding eating disorders and improving access to treatment resources. Eating disorders are serious, life-threatening illnesses – not choices – and it’s important to recognize the pressures, attitudes and behaviors that shape the disorder.

NEDA Awareness Week Theme: “I Had No Idea”

This year’s NEDAwareness Week theme is “I Had No Idea” to raise awareness towards the significant impact eating disorders have on individuals, families, and communities across the nation. The more people who learn about these life-threatening illnesses, the more lives we can save. Last year, 100% of U.S. states hosted NEDAwareness Week events and activities. Additionally, 51 international countries participated in raising awareness. This year we strive to surpass these numbers, and have everyone get in the know and do just one thing to raise awareness!

For example, I had no idea …

that you can be too thin
that over-exercising can lead to an eating disorder
that 35% of “normal” dieters progress to pathological dieting
that an eating disorder can kill you or lead to permanent physical damage
that [I, my daughter, son, sister, brother, friend] had a problem.

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